Among the plethora of changing food habits, veganism is slowly and steadily gaining immense popularity among the Indians for various reasons. To understand them let’s first find out what exactly is veganism?

Vegans are often confused with the vegetarian way of eating, but veganism is a more explicit form of vegetarianism. It is a dietary choice which excludes dairy and meat and consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, and gluten only. Vegans refrain from consuming any product or by-product derived from animal or animal skin.

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Religion may play a crucial role in the inclination towards veganism. Several religions promote the ‘holy cow’ or ‘holy animal’ notion which further eliminates animals from becoming a part of the ‘Indian food diet’. Studies have shown that veganism contributes to reducing the risk of obesity, heart diseases, cholesterol and even Type 2 diabetes. Veganism excludes dairy products like cheese, ghee, butter which are inherently fattening. Hence, adopting veganism can help in having a healthier lifestyle.

With the lack of do-it-yourself recipes, restauranteurs have the opportunity to innovate delicious vegan food options. Bangalore restauranters continue to be vegan-friendly with innovative menus for vegan flavours. Entrée has curated Bangalore’s best vegan restaurants and home chefs for you.


  • Santé Spa Cuisine:

Your one-stop shop for healthy and nutritional food, Santé Spa Cuisine nudges you towards a healthier lifestyle with their elaborate food choices.

  • Green Theory:

Vegans who are looking for choices that go beyond the usual potato gravies, Green Theory has its own bakehouse with customisable bread and pizza bases.

  • Forage:

Inspired by Californian and Nouvelle European cuisine, Forage unites local and regional produce in a modern fashion emphasising on crafted dishes.


  • Krumb Kraft:

Specialising in custom-made, sourdough loaves, Krumb Kraft is the ultimate go-to place for bread hungry souls of Bangalore.

  • Bites of Bliss:

Simple, everyday snacks, are baked thoughtfully without butter, oil and even made vegan and gluten-friendly.

  • Culinaire.Co:

A bliss for chocolate lovers, Culinaire.Co has a variety of choices with healthy truffles, puddings and more.

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