“I’ll share my pizza!” said no one ever!

Whether you are calling on a movie night with friends or enjoying lunch with family, pizza can be your choice on any occasion. Being the ultimate comfort food, it is best enjoyed with those who make you feel most comfortable!

Everyone has a favourite pizzeria serving the right amount of cheese or meat on the pizzas. Ordering pizza from different restaurants might have been an inconvenience before, but not anymore! Now you can now Entrée in from multiple restaurants (up to 3 restaurants)!

Double up your happiness as there is NO DELIVERY FEE on all orders till October 31st!

Where should you order from?


They are often described as the Italian food-lover’s nirvana where you will find something to satisfy and delight varied tastes.


The flavours of the Mediterranean can be experienced in their à la carte lunch and dinner menu with the reinterpretation of varied pizzas.

The Pizza Bakery:

The new kid on the block has already made a lasting impression with their scrumptious sourdough pizzas and delectable sides.

Source: Unsplash

Enjoy vegan pizzas?

Several restaurants are now serving fresh and innovative flavours of pizzas without compromising on taste. Entrée in vegan pizzas from here:


They ensure customers are served with warmth and great quality food at a reasonable price.

Green Theory:

For vegans who are looking beyond the usual choices, this is your go-to place for organic variety of cuisines.

Gluten-free pizza?

For those who are following a gluten-free diet or are gluten intolerant, Entrée has a choice for all!


Popular for it’s gourmet Italian and European cuisine, Sunny’s offer an extensive range of excellent pizzas which can be customised to Gluten-free.

Entrée in to have your favourite pizza with your favourite people around!